Coleman Gun Club

Yearly Top Guns

The BEST Shooters of the bunch during the year


These shooters were the best Overall in their Divisions and Classes for the respective year

Congratulations to all




Top Carry Optics:                           Dale Alcorn

Top Limited Division:                     Brad Wilkinson

Top Limited-10 Division:                Glenn Pointer

Top Open Division:                          Two Way Tie - Blake Liles / Colt Wilkinson

Top Pistol Caliber Carbine:           Alex Wakal

Top Production Division:                Two Way Tie - Rommel Mercado / Michael Schuerhoff

Top Revolver Division:                    Two Way Tie - Roy Jackson / Jerry Neighbors

Top Single Stack Division:               Philip Hinds




Top Open Grand Master :              Blake Liles


Top Limited Master Class:             Alan Laza

Top Open Master Class:                 Colt Wilkinson


Top Limited A Class:                       Two Way Tie - Lon Beasley / John Wilkinson

Top Open A Class:                           Dale Alcorn


Top Carry Optics B Class:               Dale Alcorn

Top Limited B Class:                        Jason Pelz

Top Open B Class:                            Jerry Harp

Top Production B Class:                  Rommel Mercado


Top Limited C Class:                         Kevin Wheeless

Top Limited-10 C Class:                    Glenn Pointer

Top Open C Class:                             Bill Poor

Top Production C Class:                   Michael Schuerhoff

Top Revolver C Class:                       Two Way Tie - Roy Jackson / Jerry Neighbors

Top Single Stack C Class:                 Philip Hinds


Top Limited D Class:                         Three Way Tie - Gary Dickerson / Joshua Plesant / Donald Pope




Shooters are ranked by the most wins in a Division or Class

(a minimum of 2 wins required)

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